Who is DataForNerds?

Our Origin Story

DataForNerds.io was started in July of 2021 by Chris Kibble who was hopeful there would eventually be an easily queryable list of Windows 10 Releases for his SQL and PowerBI reports that mapped the installed version (e.g. build 19041 is actually commercially referred to as 20H1). When that didn’t happen he just decided to do it himself.


Chris Kibble

Chris Kibble

Chris started DataForNerds.io in July of 2021 (see origin story above) and has written, so far, all of the datasources as well as the website, although he is hopeful that other folks will want to contribute to the project long term. Chris is primarily focused on Configuration Manager, Intune, SQL and PowerShell. He is a member of the WinAdmins user group (and invites everyone to join!) and can be found online at his blog and twitter.